Gay DVD - Raging Stallion

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October 31, 1997

Studio: Titan

Director: Bruce Cam

Country: USA

Duration (mins): 120

Discs: 1

DVD Region: No Regional Coding/Playable Worldwide

Aspect Ratio: 1.33

Language: English

Extras: Deleted Scenes, Chapters selection, This is the unedited Director's edition, photo gal

*A DVD Review by Martin Cox*
*** Highly, Highly Recommended *** "Fallen Angel" (TITAN Media) There is absolutely no way to choose a "best of" scene from the TITAN classic "Fallen Angel." A cast of men who are indescribably hot,... more

Chase Alters

Cole Tucker

Dick LaBete


Eric Michaels

Harold Creg

Jim Buck

Kyle Brandon

Luc Torino

Marc Hamilton


Steve Cannon


Tex Matson

Tommy Strausser

Tony Zerega

Will Burke

Keywords: Anal, Orgy Scenes, Rugged, Sex Slaves, Big Dicks, Pierced, Threeways, Beefcake, Leather, Bondage, Kink, Hunks

Fallen Angel
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Somewhere between heaven and hell there is a place - a place where leather is a way of life, a place where sex is a struggle for power and control, a place where the winner is the only man left standing - somewhere between heaven and hell there is Fallen Angel.

With such award-winning productions as Desert Train, River Patrol and Island Guardian, TITAN Media has set a new standard in all-male erotica. The TITAN name has come to mean hot men, stunning locations, and sex that blends passion, romance, and fantasy.

Now, director Bruce Cam invites you to explore the world of your darkest fantasies. Shot entirely on location in Chicago during International Mister Leather 1997, Fallen Angel shows you the world of leather, sex, and men as no one has before. This is the movie that launched TITAN Media’s Fallen Angel series and redefined sex between leathermen.

STEVEN CANNON makes his TITAN debut as the Angel. Cannon's dark, sultry sexuality ignites the screen with a smoldering fire. With his rock-hard body, bold tattoos, and multiple piercings he’s like a dark god walking the earth. You might have seen Cannon before but you've never seen him like this. Drawn to earth by his lust to be human and his desire to experience pleasure and pain, TITAN's leather angel searches for the one man who can satisfy him.

To join Cannon in this brooding world of lust and desire, TITAN Media has assembled a cast of kick-ass leather studs who fill each frame with their raw sex.

If nasty has a name, it’s COLE TUCKER. This cigar-chomping, tattooed wildman breaks all the rules. Barking orders like a foul-mouthed bulldog army sergeant, Cole forces leathermen MARK HAMILTON and TONY ZEREGA through a sucking/fucking three-way that’s all non-stop action. They don't make 'em any meaner than Cole, and even with a big ol' dildo up his ass, he's still top dog.

Ever wondered what a world of leathermen turned loose would be like? Hot men having sex everywhere. In alleyways. In stairwells. How ‘bout in elevators? Newcomers DICK LA BETE and TEX MATSON show you what a Dad and his Boy can get away with between floors. If the idea of a hairy, hunky leather-daddy force-feeding his man-dick to a tattooed punk gets you hot, then climb aboard and hit the button for the top floor. It’s gonna be one helluva ride.

Insatiable pigs. That's how you might describe TONY ZEREGA and COLE TUCKER. They just can't get enough and TITAN Media doesn't disappoint them or you. Shot on location during a sex party at Chicago's Unicorn Club, Zerega, Tucker, and bootblack TAURUS bring a jerk-off fantasy to life. Filmed before a live crowd, director Cam gives onlookers the chance to join in the hot action in front of the camera. The TITAN Media team brings new meaning to giving the customer what he wants.

In the video's final sequences, we watch as Fallen Angel Cannon's desires find fulfillment. Having pursued the dark, towering figure of KYLE BRANDON throughout the night, he finally meets his dream. As darkness turns to dawn, Brandon flogs the Angel. Breaking his wings, Brandon traps him on earth, a captive of desire. Now human, Cannon belongs to sadist Brandon, and the two, master and slave, begin their hunt for prey.

Into their hands falls tough boy JIM BUCK. Cocky and over-confident, this tight-bodied sex pig is the perfect target for hard-core predators Brandon and Cannon. Forcibly dragged into the depths of Chicago's infamous Metropolitan Slave Dungeon, Buck is humiliated and is made to submit to the pair's abuse through the day and night. But power comes in many forms and the sight of Buck's enormous pierced dick soon seduces Cannon and Brandon into offering up their hungry manholes to him.

Finally, secured to a Saint Andrew's cross, spent and neglected, Fallen Angel Cannon watches as his master, Brandon, encases Buck in a leather body bag and brings him to climax. The connection between Brandon and Buck is electric and the immobilized Cannon can only struggle against his bonds in frustration as his master takes pleasure in another man.

In the story's final scene, it is morning again and Cannon wanders the streets alone. Having tasted human passion, having felt human pain, he in now trapped on earth in a snare of his own making. As a new day's light strikes his bare, muscled chest – the taste of sweat and cum still on his lips, the smell of man sex still clinging to his flesh – he longs to be made free, an Angel once more.

His prayer is answered and the Angel takes wing. But, having fallen once might he not stumble again?