Gay DVD - Raging Stallion

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November 17, 2011

Studio: Monster Bang Video

Director: Steve Cruz

Country: No Regional Coding

Videographer: Steve Cruz

Duration (mins): 112

Discs: 1

DVD Region: No Regional Coding Playable Worldwide

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Language: No Language Coding

If you’ve seen a Monster Bang video before, you know what you’re in for: outrageously-sized cocks and voraciously hungry holes. And BIG DICK REVOLUTION doesn’t disappoint on either count. These men... more

Adam Herst

Damien Stone

Dylan Hyde

Max Marshall

Parker Perry

Ricky Larkin

Sean Lawrence

Valentin Petrov

Keywords: Athletes, Beefcake, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Black, Uncut, Hunks, Interracial, Jock, Rugged, Hairy, Horsehung, Muscle, Oral, Rimming, Tattoos, Punks, Latin, Big Balls, Cum Eating, Facial Cumshots,

Big Dick Revolution
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Big Dick Revolution
Directed by Steve Cruz
There's a revolution brewing. It’s lead by a band of sexual mercenaries with a simple manifesto – give us only the biggest, the longest and the thickest. These occupiers want massive cock and they want it now, and they’re on a mission to find it no matter the cost. They get closer to realizing their ideals with each mouth and ass that joins their cause after being filled with inches upon inches of thick, huge, hard man meat. The uprising won’t only take place around the globe, it will happen in your pants as you watch these rebels fulfill their lust for big dick. Every scene will have you wondering where you can join this Big Dick Revolution.

Scene 1 – Rick Larkin and Dylan Hyde
Ricky Larkin catches Dylan Hyde spray painting his wall with the slogan "Mas Grande" under a clenched fist. When the pissed off owner finds out what the phrase means ("Much Bigger"), he decides to give the dumb punk exactly what he deserves -- his big hard dick. Dylan obliges the sexy brute and gets down on his knees to face the big package. The girth of Ricky's dick stretches Dylan's mouth open as he swallows it down; he does his best and then licks and gobbles up the big guy's heavy danglers. Pushing Dylan face down onto a pile of tires, Ricky pulls Dylan’s pants down and begins rimming his ass and sucking his dick. Ricky’s ready to show who's boss by power fucking Dylan up his ass. They move down to the ground and Dylan rides his partner's prick, his face scrunched up with pained pleasure as Ricky grunts his approval. They finally finish with Ricky blasting his load into Dylan's mouth. The young dude laps up the cum and then lays back and jerks a rebellious load out.

Scene 2 – Valentin Petrov and Sean Lawrence
Having posted their revolutionary flyers all over, Valentin Petrov and Sean Lawrence return to headquarters for some R'n'R. True to the movement's motto, both studs are sporting horsedicks. Valentin can't wait to get Sean's hefty black stick down his gullet, he wraps both fists around the gigantic pole and swallows it down getting it rock hard. Soon it's Sean deepthroating his buddy's uncut meat pole, exciting both of them so much that they begin to fuck. Positioned behind, Sean plugs Valentin's asshole with his thunder stick and thrusts in and out with fervor. The young revolutionary moans and groans encouraging his friend to carry on, and Sean is diligent in delivering as many blows as they both can endure. Their bodies glisten with sweat as they continue fucking with Valentin now down on his back. The white Russian jacks himself off and cums while his studly black soldier screws him until he finally pulls out and creams him.

Scene 3 – Damien Stone and Adam Herst
Damien Stone and Adam Herst try to warm themselves up over a burning fire. Looking at his chilled companion, a concerned and horny Damien tells Adam he knows what'll heat them up quicker. The two men are quickly locked in each other's arms, kissing and groping and raising their body temperature so much that they're soon shedding their clothes. Damien nurses on Adam's big long dick, feeling it swell up even larger with every slurp. Then to generate more heat, he tends to Adam's asshole, warming the pucker with hot tongue licks. Both men are soon overwhelmed with fiery intensity, moving Damien to slam his engorged cock up Adam's manhole. They fuck recklessly in numerous positions totally locked and loaded with Damien churning in and out of his buddy's ass. Adam, pale and flush with excitement, throttles his cock, squeezing it tightly until he busts his nut; and Damien pulls out and blasts his load all over his exhausted and satisfied friend.

Scene 4 – Parker Perry and Max Marshall
Parker Perry wants to join the Big Dick Revolution but has to prove his worth. It's not enough to be endowed, you've got to be able to handle a big whopper. Max Marshall is on hand to put the anxious applicant through his paces. Parker goes down on the commander's thick, hard tool, impressing him with his oral skills. Max is soon returning the favor, sliding his tongue inside the young recruit's tasty foreskin to savor the fleshy overhang. Then Max buries his face between Parker's buttcheeks and eats out his ass. He moistens the tight opening, making it slick enough for him to slam his hard cock in and out. Bent forward and on all fours, Parker arches his back and cries out with pleasure, begging for more. They continue fucking with Parker on his back and his leg up on Max's shoulder. The recruit clutches his dick and jacks off while his asshole endures more cock-punches. Parker finally shoots his load all over his hairy chest and a satisfied Max follows suit, unloading his jism all over.