Gay DVD - Raging Stallion

Movie Details

June 9, 2010

Studio: Falcon Studios

Director: Bill Clayton Bruce Cam Chi Chi LaRue Chris Steele

Country: USA

Videographer: Todd Montgomery

Duration (mins): 240

Discs: 2

DVD Region: Playable Worldwide

Aspect Ratio: 1.33, Full-Frame

Language: English

Anthony Lafont

Bill Adams

Brad Patton

Brendan Austen

Carlos Morales

Chase Hunter

Dean Phoenix

Dick Fisk

Eric Evans

Eric Leneau

Erik Rhodes

Fernando Montana

Jason Andrews

Lane Fuller

Matthew Rush

Sky Dawson


Tom Chase

Trent Atkins

Keywords: Big Balls,Big Cocks,Big Loads,Hunks,Muscle,Public Sex,Outdoor,

Falcon Four Hours - Seaside Sex
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Falcon Four Hours - Seaside Sex features four hours of men touching, tasting, licking, sucking, fucking and cumming - all within earshot of pounding waves and the salty mist of the sea!

Scene 1 from High Tide Featuring Tom Chase and Matthew Anders

Seven years later, Matthew Anders is back where he belongs-with Tom Chase, the true love of his life. Time has not diminished their ardor, rather it has only strengthened their bond. Rediscovering themselves, the lovers frolic in the surf, playing in the sand, walking hand in hand. They seal their love with a kiss in the surf, while in the background a cathedral of waterfall and rocks reflects their passion. Matthew devotedly sucks Tom’s huge cock drawing every rock-hard inch deep into his throat. The two transmit their undiminished love to each other with long looks; their passion steamy and sensuous. Tom lovingly takes Matthew’s cock into his mouth, then meanders to his hole, massaging and priming it for a full session of fucking. They make up for lost time as Tom pumps Matthew full with his huge dick, each stroke throbbing with pleasure and passion. They stroke off and finally explode, releasing their essence. Still basking in the afterglow, they sit alone on the beach, as the waves serenade them.

Scene 2 from Tough Terrain Featuring Kip Harting and Jason Andrews

With the coastal fog beginning to roll in, Jason Andrews hits the beach for some exercise. His seaside gymnastics catches Kip Harting's eye and the two immediately hookup for a more aerobic drill. They sneak into a hidden cove where they gingerly explore each other's muscular physiques. They kiss and caress tenderly; every touch causing their cocks to stiffen more and grow fuller. The men start 69ing, sucking cock down like pros; and then take turns eating ass as the white caps rise and crash on the shore. Jason burrows his pretty prick deep into Kip's anxious hole and pumps away with the tempo of the tide. Breathing faster and faster their bodies rise and crash with each deep thrust. Kip moans with pleasure as Jason fucks his hole until his thunderous explosion of cum brings them both crashing over the brink.

Scene 3 from Absolute: Aqua Featuring Lane Fuller and Anthony LaFont

On a secluded mist-soaked beach, Lane Fuller and Anthony Lafont lose themselves in muscled play. The two studs trade blow jobs and then Anthony rims Lane...warming and opening up his ass for a seaside fucking that will warm the coldest winter night.

Scene 4 from Taken, Down Under Featuring Spike, Stephen Owen and Josh Kane

Spike keeps Dylan Reece's appointment for a photo shoot aboard a local yacht. Once on the bay, he discovers that this is no ordinary photo shoot. Photographer Josh Kane and cohort Stephen Owens relax and start stroking and sucking their cocks. Spike joins in and soon the three men are enjoying a sun-soaked, speedo-stretching session of sucking and fucking on the bay. The trio work their cocks hard until each man unleashes his load as the sun bathes their play.

Scene 5 from Tough Terrain

Daemon Kelly spies Taylor Ray and Eric Evans strolling on the beach below. They spot him and wave him down to join them. Pleased with the invitation the horny surfer crashes their private party and the three begin to play. But Eric takes off leaving Daemon and Taylor to cavort in unholy congress as the waves crash about in the background. Kissing, licking, sucking, rimming ... Daemon is quick to get Taylor all fired up making him shoot his load. Then Eric returns, Daemon splits and Taylor is ready for a second round of sexual manplay, this time with his man. Eric Evans makes up for lost time with his honey Taylor Ray and the two are quickly lip-locked and passionately groping each other. As the surf pounds along the rough and rocky shoreline, Eric sucks on Taylor's joy stick. Then they both start stroking their poles until Taylor decides to diddle with Eric's asshole. He jams a finger inside and then slams his engorged cock all the way in. The sounds of the crashing waves are soon drowned out by the lovers' grunts and groans as they fuck non-stop with piston-like fervor. Taylor plugs Eric's ass with fierce, hard thrusts until he finally busts a nut. He then collapses onto his exhausted boyfriend.

Scene 6 from Good As Gold Featuring Matthew Rush, Steve Hogan and Brendan Austin

On a nearly deserted sun-soaked beach, Matthew Rush encounters Brendan Austin and Steve Hogan enjoying some speedo-stretching surfside play. The tight, tanned twosome invite Matthew to join in. Soon Brendan is straddling Steve's cock and sucking Matthew's stiff tool. As the surf pounds the shore, this lusty threesome regroups and Matthew takes his turn filling Brendan's ass. As the intensity increases, each sun-touched stud hits the peak of satiety and delivers his load.

Scene 7 from Absolute: Aqua Featuring Matt Spencer and David Coleman

Alone on a stunning tropical beach, Matt Spencer and David Coleman indulge their lust. The two men suck and rim each other in a variety of positions...warming each other up for the fucking to come. The men bury their cocks in each others asses, pounding hard until each man sprays his load over the sand.

Scene 8 from Drenched, Part 2: Soaked To The Bone Featuring Carlos Morales and Fernando Montana

The sun beats down as the surf pounds the black volcanic beach on which Carlos Morales and Fernando Montana face off—stroking their thick, stiff cocks. The men come together, each fondling the firm flesh of the other as they kiss. Fernando drops to his knees, throating Carlos' thick uncut tool against the background of azure sky. Carlos responds--taking his turn on Fernando's cock. Fernando rims Carlos, probing and relaxing his ass in preparation for the steamy fucking which follows.

Scene 9 from Out Of Athens, Part 2 Featuring Dean Phoenix, Franco Corsini, Eric Leneau and Johnny Brosnan

Dean Phoenix, Franco Corsini, and Eric Leneau are in a hot threesome on a terrace overlooking a shimmering lapis lagoon. Johnny Brosnan is the voyeur, jerking off indoors as he watches these studs work each other over. Eric gets into every inch of Dean's hot, hard body, while Dean is rimming slender, blond Franco. Dean fucks Franco, then puts Eric on his back and fucks him until he blows his load everywhere.

Scene 10 from Drenched, Part 1: Soaking It In Featuring Brad Patton and Lane Fuller

Surrounded by palms and lava formations, testing a turquoise tide pool, falcon exclusive Brad Patton discovers a wooden idol buoyed by the swelling tide. as he eyes the intricate carving, chiseled falcon man Lane Fuller appears and begins to explore the contours of brad's muscled form. brad pulls him closer. as their hunger swells, Brad and Lane surrender to the coursing current of desire and dive into the swirling eddy of erotic abandon, spiraling toward sexual release.

Scene 11 from Champs Featuring Hal Drake and Clint Ely

"Dunes": The wind, the sun, the sound of the surf and the galloping motion sends a raging excitement through Clint Ely's loins. A gigantic sexual sensation fills his crotch as his cock and balls pound against the hard saddle. He looks at Hal Drake hungrily, aching to release the raging desire within him. He wants Hal, he wants to feel and taste the salty heat of his muscular body, he wants to feel his huge cock inside him and he wants to know that he can satisfy Hal's manly needs. no matter what they are, just as others had satisfied him. Watch and see what happens!

Scene 12 from High Tide Featuring Tom Chase and Matthew Anders

Relaxing on a remote black sand beach, Matthew Anders lies back, soaking in the sunlight. Muscled blond jock Jeremy Penn spies Matthew on the sand. Jeremy impulsively blankets Matthew's body with his own, then pulls Matthew up and into the surf. Standing naked in the shimmering water, their passion churns and swells like the surf surrounding them. Matthew finds himself drawn irrepressibly toward Jeremy's stiff erect cock, worshipping it from the cleft of the tip down to the gentle curve of Jeremy's full, protruding balls. Soon Matthew is devoting his attention to Jeremy's firm round ass...spreading his cheeks and probing Jeremy's hole with an insistent tongue...transporting Jeremy into a highly charged erotic state. The two relocate to an igneous outcropping and Jeremy slides his aching cock deep into Matthew's hole. Jeremy forcefully and rhythmically fucks Matthew until the delectable ache of orgasm expands, triggering an explosion of pearly ropes which adorns Matthew's back.

Scene 13 from Ramcharger Featuring Matt Hollis

With constant exercise and a diet of health foods, Matt Hollis is not only an outstanding athlete, but his excellent health has given him an enormous sexual appetite. It's not unusual for Matt to cum at least five times a day. Taking time out from scuba diving, he comes ashore long enough to relieve his big horny cock and juice-filled balls in an exploding climax. Matt Hollis is a true sexual athlete.

Scene 14 from Champs featuring Dick Fisk and Sky Dawson

"Champs - The Finals": Exclusive Falcon superstar discoveries Dick Fisk and Sky Dawson meet dockside and go spinning off in Dawson's speedboat. Alone on the lake, they give way to their mutual desires in a classic fuck-suck encounter of hunky stud swimmer.

Scene 15 from Cross Country, Part 2 featuring Matthew Rush, Erik Rhodes and Roman Heart

It's the threeway that you've been waiting to see since part one: Erik Rhodes, Matthew Rush and Roman Heart on a yacht racing across the Pacific Ocean.

Scene 16 from Drenched, Part 2: Soaked To The Bone Featuring Matthew Rush and Tyler Gunn

Beachcombing newcomer Tyler Gunn happens upon Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush sunning and stroking himself amidst the tropical foliage. Tyler eagerly lends a hand, then settles down to suck Matthew's cock while tracing the chiseled contours of his form. The action intensifies and soon the two muscular studs are deeply engaged in a spellbinding scene of sexual devotion that will warm you again and again.

Scene 17 from Drenched, Part 2: Soaked To The Bone Featuring Chase Hunter and Trent Atkins

Returning from the beach, Trent Atkins encounters Falcon legend Chase Hunter tending garden. The muscled stud invites Trent inside for a little afternoon recreation. The men immerse themselves in lusty exploration--stroking, sucking, and rimming their way into a sizzling rendezvous of furious ass-pounding which leaves them soaked and satisfied.