Gay DVD - Raging Stallion

Movie Details

November 20, 1997

Studio: Hot House Entertainment

Director: Steven Scarborough

Country: USA

Editor: Jim Wigler

Duration (mins): 120

Discs: 2

DVD Region: Playable Worldwide

Aspect Ratio: 1.33

Language: English

Extras: Previously Unreleased Footage, Cumshot Compilation, Fantasy Montage, Action Gallery, Trailers.

*A DVD Review by The Porn Emperor*
*** Highly, Highly Recommended *** We have to say we respect Steven Scarborough for having the guts to experiment with the usual cliché porno format. "Descent" is quite artsy. In fact, it reminds us... more

Aiden Shaw

Blake Harper

Chris Rock

Clay Powell

Damian Ford

Jason Branch

Marcus Iron

Mark Mason

Nick Moore

Rick Allen

Todd Gibbs

Zak Anders

Keywords: Oral, Orgy, Hairy, Fantasies, Anal, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Cute/Adorable Looks, Daddies, Facial Cumshots, Hunks, Jock, Model/Stunning Looks, Muscle, Outdoor, Smooth, Young.

Descent (Collector's Edition / 2 Disc Set)
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This AVN, Best DVD nominee is a controversial masterpiece, now re-mastered and re-edited with 40 minutes of additional footage! The controversial classic comes of age in this special, expanded, two-disc collector's DVD set that features previously unreleased footage in a new presentation of Steven Scarborough's best-selling masterpiece. XXX superstars Aiden Shaw, Marcus Iron, Blake Harper and Jason Branch are among the amazing hot studs in the cast, and the film's haunting, moody videography is a stunning achievement in adult film. An absolute must-have for any porn lover's collection.

Scene 1
After running through the streets to his inevitable end, Aiden Shaw “awakens” to find himself trapped between reality and fantasy—somewhere between Heaven and Hell. Tied to a chair, he receives a haircut from rugged tattooed hottie Zak Andrews while Chris Rock and Todd Gibbs sit bound and gagged in the background. Following the buzzcut, Shaw then begins his “descent,” as he is initiated into his new surroundings. Everyone is untied, and as Gibbs gives Andrews a blowjob, Shaw receives one of his own from Rock, who does his best to accommodate Shaw’s extra-thick tool. Meanwhile, Gibbs climbs on top of Andrews’ cock and begins to ride the beefy barber. Andrews then flips Gibbs over and fucks him from behind, Gibbs looking back with a look of total contentment on his face. Before long, however, Andrews decides he wants to get plowed as well, and sits down on top of Gibbs’ cock before flipping over to take it from behind. Soon Gibbs blows his load on Andrews’ ass, while in the foreground, Shaw slides his own prick up inside Rock’s smooth hole. Rock rides Shaw for all he’s worth, his cries echoing out around them as he bounces up and down. Changing positions, he finds himself bent over, then on all fours, as Shaw pummels his from behind, forcing his monster cock in and out of Rock’s hole as the sweat glistens on their bodies. Shaw pulls out, then shoots a beautiful load onto his boy’s back.
The descent has begun…

Scene 2
Next up, Shaw finds himself lying in a bed on the receiving end of a wet blowjob by the gorgeous Marcus Iron, who does a superb job of slobbering over Shaw’s prick. There’s some passionate, heated kissing that follows, as the two men engage in some lovely, tender play, followed by more cocksucking from Iron, who lies on his back while Shaw face-fucks him as he reaches back to toy with Iron’s hole. It’s not long before Iron’s legs are up in the air, as Shaw climbs in between them and slides his fat prick into Iron’s chute. With a look of absolute bliss on his face, Iron receives his ass-reaming like a pro, stroking himself all the while as Shaw holds his leg up in the air. After a bit, the two lovers return to oral play, each taking turns sucking on each other’s pricks before they get back to the fucking, with Iron sitting down on Shaw’s cock and shooting a load all over the cocky Brit’s chest. Soon after Shaw’s seed joins Iron’s as he spews copious amount of jizz onto himself. The two men then embrace as the scene fades to black. Shaw’s surreal journey continues as he next finds himself alone in an empty room while Iron watches him on a video monitor, stroking his cock to the site of Shaw knocking over a chair. As Shaw locates the camera, Iron shoots another load.

Scene 3
It’s an epic, stunning threeway when Iron finds himself in bed with Blake Harper and Jason Branch. First Branch takes turns sucking both Iron and Harper, before he ends up on his back with Iron in between his legs, sucking on Branch’s cock while Harper teases his ass from behind. Harper and Branch then get into a 69 position and Iron fingers Harper’s hole. The scene then flips to show Harper on his back, taking Branch’s cock up his ass while Iron hungrily kisses his mouth. This goes on for some time, with Branch thrusting in and out while Harper moans out in ecstasy.
The versatile Harper then climbs in behind Iron, who fucks himself back and forth on Blake’s dick before they move into a position where Branch takes Harper’s cock up his ass while he fucks Iron. Yowzers! The men flip around so that Harper is then standing while Iron works on his cock in front and Branch rims him from behind. Then both men share Harper’s cock between them, licking, slurping and sucking until Blake pumps a load out as Iron fingers his hole. Then the boys flip around once again so that they can work each other’s cocks over with their mouths, sucking in a variety of positions until Branch ends up sitting on Iron’s face to get rimmed while he jerks his load onto Marcus’ chest. There’s even more maneuvering, as Harper fucks Branch from behind while Iron rims and fingers Blake’s hole. After some more kissing, Branch moves around so that he can fuck Iron while Harper lies on his back jerking off while enjoying the view. The scene comes to a sensational finish with Iron and Branch stroking themselves over Harper until Iron shoots a great load onto Harper’s dick.

Scene 4
Next up is an outdoor scene, in which the beautiful Nick Moore tends to the cock of ruggedly handsome Mark Mason, taking Mason’s cock down his throat over and over again as his saliva builds up in his mouth. Mason then shows his own talent for cocksucking, chowing down on Moore’s sizeable tool like he was born to do it. The two men trade off cocksucking again before Mason bends Moore over a concrete divider and slams his cock up inside the willing submissive’s hole. For his part, Moore just clenches his teeth and takes it, his eyes winced into a look of pleasure mixed with glorious pain. Then Mason lies on his back while Moore licks his balls and gets a hot load on his face. Mmmm, dinner!

Scene 5
There’s more outdoor, rooftop play to come as the next scene has Damian Ford rimming tattooed hottie Clay Powell in the sunlight. Powell bends over and spreads his cheeks, allowing Ford better entry into his crevice. The two then move into some fierce 69 action before Ford stands over Powell and feeds the boy his cock from above. Soon Powell is on his hands and knees, receiving more rimming and fingering from Ford the rugged top finally guides his cock into the boy’s ass. In no time, Powell is on his back, then on top of Ford, getting fucked and fucking himself any which way he can until he squirts his load onto Ford’s chest—and still keeps riding! It doesn’t take long for Ford to let loose with his own juices.
The two men are then briefly joined by Nick Moore, Mark Mason, and Rick Allen, who gather around Powell and jerk and suck each other off until Clay is covered with gobs of sticky white jizz.
The action then returns to Shaw, who is seen digging a grave. Next, he is lying in the grave as dirt is shoveled on top of him. He awakens in the middle of a field with a scream, and then we see him frolicking on the beach with Marcus Iron. As the sun sets, the two happy lovers walk into the ocean together.
Was it all a dream?

If you liked Descent, then you’ll love the previously unreleased footage on Disc Two, including the stunning “Fantasy Montage,” which features footage of Aiden Shaw done up to resemble a Christ-like figure, Marcus Iron crawling seductively across the floor, some unseen sexual footage and additional cum shots, and lots of other gorgeous images, all captured in sumptuous videography unlike anything seen in adult entertainment before or since.
But don’t forget about the Cum Shot Compilation, Model Gallery and Bios, Action Gallery and the great Trailers for other Hot House titles. With so much additional material to offer, this special collector’s edition of a true classic is an absolute must-own.