Gay DVD - Raging Stallion

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February 21, 2007

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

Director: Chris Ward JD Slater

Country: US

Editor: Chris Ward & Ben Leon

Discs: 1

Aspect Ratio: 1.33

One of the many things to like about Raging Stallion is that they keep it simple. Their videos focus on masculine guys, usually aggressive hung tops and eager hungry-holed bottoms. FUCK FLIK 2 is a... more

Buck Philips

Carlos Morales

Dean Coulter - Man of the Year 2000

Jack Ryan

Lance Gear

Mark Evrett

Matt Sizemore

Max Grand

Michael Brandon - Man of the Year 2002

Michael Soldier

Miguel Leonn - Man of the Year 2005

Rick Hammersmith

Ryan Lexington

Sean Storm

Shane Rollins - Man of the Year 2004

Sky Donovan

Tom Vacarro - Man of the Year 2003

Vince Varrone

Keywords: fucking boots smooth jacuzzi muscle cum eating pierced nipples rimming cum shots gym leather pool speedos

Fuck Flik #2
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Director Chris Ward decided to he wanted to release a line of all-fucking videos, with nothing but hard-core anal penetration. He decided to go back to some of his favorite scenes and select the best footage to make this amazing, no-holes-barred, all penetration all the time fuck flick! This is the second in the series of must own DVDs that deliver more fucking than you normally get in five full movies! This is not some cheap compilation tape--this is high-quality, first rate fucking from the studio that built its reputation on Cock up the Hole!

Scene 1: Imagine Latin Love Machine Carlos Morales sensuously sprawled across a broken motorcycle in a grungy, grease filled garage. His hole puckers in the air waiting to be filled. Now imagine Raging Stallion's exclusive discovery Shane Rollins cumming in to take Carlos for a test ride. The sparks start to fly as Shane plugs Carlos in revealing position after exploited position. Carlos is a muscle stud fuck hole and Shane Rollins shows us that behind his charming, boyish, blond smirk lies a 9-inch rock hard powertool ready to service whatever cums along! You can't find porn hotter than this.

Scene 2: The second scene is a college jock /GQ fantasy cum true, pitting a stunning Michael Soldier opposite heartthrob Jack Ryan. Set in a beautiful kitchen (they are making a fruit bowl as the scene begins), these two head turners suck and fuck each other in multiple positions as the Raging Stallion cameras follow every nasty nuance. This is beautiful sex beautifully filmed--some of the finest work Raging Stallion has ever produced. A must see for fans of classic, high-end erotica.

Scene 3: Matt Sizemore has one of the biggest damn cocks that exists in Pornland, and he gets to show it off big time here. His bottom, Michael welcomes the idea of being gagged and pummeled by Matt’s fat dick, so the no-frills video comes off as just what it intended, almost effortlessly, making the adoration of big cock seem the easiest thing there is to do sexually. This one's gonna make your dick twitch and drool. Get a rag and get ready to squirt!

Scene 4: The scene is one of the nastiest fuck and sucks ever produced by Raging Stallion Studios, featuring Miguel Leonn and Sean Storm, that pig boy from Florida who made a name for himself as a bareback bottom superstar. He really wanted to bareback for us, but we didn't go quite that far (but you will be shocked at how far we do push the envelope!!!). Even though we didn't let Sean take Miguel's juicy load up his ass, we did let him guzzle it down his throat!

Scene 5: Rick Hammersmith gets dropped off at a filthy, low rent sex club. You can practically smell the hot scent of sexual arousal--and you can certainly see it in Hammersmith's face as he is cast into the torrid mass of men waiting within. He finds his way into the hands of Matt Sizemore for a fuck that will make your eyes pop! This pairing is a match that gave director Chris Ward a rare chance to become an erotic artist. Beautifully filmed and right down to business, Sizemore delivers the finest fuck of his long, hard career, and Hammersmith takes the ride of a lifetime.

Scene 6: “This segment, ‘Two American Booties’, pairs uberhunk Dean Coulter and the dashing and perennially furry Tom Vacarro. After a hard day at the office, Coulter practically devours Vacarro’s ample shvantz in a red-hot scene that really must be experienced. Coulter then uses Vacarro’s face as a place to rest his weary bum. Dinner is served for Vacarro, and he eats that ass like it’s the most expensive thing on the menu. Coulter then decides to get comfy on Vacarro’s cock, which he rides with great gusto. The entire scene has an animalistic intensity that’s not too easy to come by in porn. The sheer lust between these two leaps off the screen and into your lap.” -TJ Maxwell review

Scene 7: This scene pairs very popular Mr. Hairy Butt himself, Mark Evrett with Australia's own legendary performer Lance Gear. In one of director Chris Ward's favorite scenes, Lance practically worships Mark from end to end. Mark's huge cock is only outmatched by his absolutely perfect hairy ass. If there exists a butt better than this, we have never seen it! This is one of Mark Evrett's greatest scenes and one that strikes a carnal chord with everyone who sees it!

Scene 8: “Michael Brandon returns with swarthy, husky Italian Vince Verrone and youthful, strawberry blond Ryan Lexington - who soon lose interest in ‘working construction’ and turn their attention to what each man has hidden under those carpenter’s pants. It's only minutes before the sexy threesome is busy deep throating, ass-fucking, cocksucking, rimming and jerking each other off. Once Verrone and Lexington discover Brandon's monster dick, the two of them mutually share ‘the goods,’ taking turns sucking and getting face-fucked. The sexual finale of all three cocks shooting big, heavy loads of glorious white cum should be more than enough to excite viewers to push that rewind button and start watching all over again.”-Daddy “Rexman” Slapmegood review

Scene 9: “We then join a seething, sweaty four-way already in progress. This segment offers much juicy bone-sucking and hole-plucking between a freshly shaven Michael Soldier, ever-frisky Buck Philips, the muscle-scrumptious Max Grand and tasty blonde Sky Donovan. All four spurt thick powerful loads. The gushing streams of rich man cream are thick enough to gag on. Oink! Snort! Slurp!”
-Beef Stroganoff review

Scene 10: “Sky Donovan is joined by Andy Hunter and they start kissing. Pretty soon out come the cocks. Sky falls to his knees and gives Andy some head. Nice cock there Andy, I was surprised. I was thinking, that he wouldn’t have a thing, but low and behold, I was wrong. Against some cars, Andy sucks Sky. Before long, Sky is bent over a stump and Andy rims him like there is no tomorrow. Pay attention to Sky’s face. He’s loving it. They face each other and masturbate. Nice job. Sky loves to get fucked (I love that) and Andy bends him over and pounds him. Sky never flinches. In the cab of a truck, Andy shoots all over Sky and eventually Sky follows.”

This is a must own movie for all fans of Raging Stallion Studios! We guarantee that it will become your favorite wack off tool!
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