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February 24, 2006

Studio: Jet Set MEN

Director: Andrew Rosen

Country: USA

Screenwriter: Jack Rabbit

Videographer: Charles Stevens

Editor: Andrew Rosen

Duration (mins): 109

Discs: 1

DVD Region: Playable wordwide

Aspect Ratio: 1.33

Language: English

Non-sexual role: Austin Healy, Frank Nickolas, Rita

Extras: Trailers, Photo Gallery, Chapter Selection

*A DVD Review by Brent Blue*
*** Highly, Highly Recommended *** For many years now, Andrew Rosen has been a popular editor, clipping to perfection the works of so many sterling directors. I guess he was paying damn good... more

Bobby Williams

Clint Teak

Derek Cruz

Ivan Andros

Kent Larson

Park Wiley

Shane Collins

Travis Carlson

Trevor Knight

Tyler Stuart

Keywords: Anal Beefcake Big Cocks Big Balls Blondes Cute/adorable looks Deep Throat Hunks Latin model/stunning looks Muscle Oral Smooth Rimming Story/Plot Twinks Young

Going Under
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Jet Set's latest, Going Under, is a deliciously perverse tale of an unscrupulous hypnotherapist whose silken skills in mind-fucking his patients provide five super-charged sex scenes, each of which is designed not only to drain the viewer's balls but also to send his mind reeling.

At the helm of this production is Andrew Rosen, who has long toiled in the adult industry as a multi-award-winning film editor and sometime performer, and who here makes an auspicious debut in the director's chair.

Going Under opens in the office of the therapist (Kent Larson). His first patient of the day is played by newcomer Derek Cruz, a baby-faced brunet who wants to quit smoking so much that he allows the hypnotist to "put him under." (Cruz, not to be confused with the nineties porn star, Derek Cruise, is a raven-haired version of current star Chad Savage.) Larson, with a soft spiel of psychobabble, soon "cures" Cruz of his nicotine need, but (with a sly smile) substitutes one addiction for another:

Instead of smoking, the patient becomes a compulsive cocksucker. One finger snap later, Cruz awakens, remembers nothing, but is overwhelmed by a need for oral gratification.

Thus driven, he heads for a park where he connects with that paradigm of quiet masculinity, Trevor Knight, and in a whisk, they are back at Knight's place, where Cruz is instantly on his knees, ripping at his partner's fly and stuffing his mouth full of Knight's ready erection.

Cruz proves to be a voracious if insecure cocksucker—as he gobbles away, his big brown eyes are constantly looking upward for approval. In time, of course, Knight demonstrates his own oral skills, but soon Cruz is going down again, doing his damnedest to respond in kind. He can't quite take all of Knight's lengthy piece, but he gives it his best shot, firing off as he devours the hefty erection and then bringing Knight to an equally propulsive ejaculation. Later, when he is offered an aprez-sex cigarette, Cruz refuses, saying, "I quit smoking?but I do want to suck your cock again."

The action next shifts to a gym where a pair of muscle pumpers (the unbridled Bobby Williams and a butch, blond, gym-built newcomer, Travis Carlson) indulge in a brief flirtation before the connection fizzles when each reveals he is strictly a top. Even so, at Williams's suggestion, Carlson heads for the hynotherapist in hopes of getting himself in the right mindset to increase his focus and stamina during workouts. He too is quickly "cured," and again there is a trade-off. Larson tells him that there will be "a seismic shift on your sexuality?you'll become an insatiable pig bottom." One finger snap later, Carlson, unaware, heads home to spend the evening watching porn.

The loop he watches—featuring lanky brunet newcomer Shane Collins and the veteran Park Wiley, who is no longer a fresh-faced twink—begins as fairly standard stuff but soon becomes extraordinary. In it, Wiley undresses the willing novice, chews on his nipples, laps at his abs, and repeatedly swallows his thick cock in one effortless gulp after another.

Collins never reciprocates but instigates some sensationally torrid kissing before he plows into Wiley's eager ass. Throughout the sequence, the action cuts back and forth between the loop and Carlson watching it while pounding his own major meat—and in no time he has fantasized himself into the fucking. One moment, Collins is fucking Wiley, the next, Carlson. Thanks to the ingenious concept and the bravura editing, the viewer's head is soon spinning, his dick vibrating. This is cinematic legerdemain at its very best.

Back at Knight's place, the insatiable Cruz is in no hurry to end the session, but when Knight refuses—"You've sucked me off five times?it's pathological ?like you needed a fix or something!"—Cruz leaves and heads for the nearest sex club. There he watches jealously as the ubiquitous Ivan Andros and another lanky newcomer, Tyler Stuart, trade thoroughgoing blowjobs before he spots a cute blond hunk (Clint Peak) and is soon on his knees again. Before the scene is over, he has serviced all three of them with a rapacity that seems to know no bounds. (Peak is the hottest-looking man in the scene but suffers from erection maintenance problems throughout.) The sequence ends with Cruz and Andros tag-topping the other two, doggie and missionary style. Mostly, Cruz fucks with his mouth opened in wonderment at what is happening—a charming sight—and the scene ends with him, Andros, and Stuart delivering geyser money shots.

The final two scenes are equally sensational. The first takes place back at the gym. Through a self-serving rationale—"Two tops fucking doesn't necessarily mean that one of them is a bottom."—Williams and Carlson finally get together on and around the weight bench. After a spate of hungry kisses, Williams is the first to kneel and take Carlson all the way to the pubes, and Carlson's undulating pelvis as he throat-fucks his gym buddy is a sight to behold. Then it is his turn to suck, and he dives into the act like a whirling dervish. Later, his moans and groans as Williams eats out his ass become desperate demands to "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Williams obliges, first doggie, then missionary, and finally in a bumpy lap fuck in which Carlson skewers himself to orgasm. If only the scene ended in a flip-flop, it would be perfect. Certainly, Carlson is the find of the film—he has it all: a cameragenic face, a superb physique, an ever-ready erection, a beefy butt, and an abandon that is all too rare. In short, he simply glows with star quality.

Going Under concludes when Knight himself (now emotionally involved with Cruz and concerned over his sexual obsession) agrees to go to the hynotherapist in hopes of exposing him as a quack. Posing as a stutterer who wants to overcome his speech defect, he allows himself to be "put under," and the scenario plays out as expected. The stutter is corrected, but Larson turns Knight into his sex slave. Both are consummate cocksuckers, deep-throatists, and ass-eaters, and these delectable hors d'oeuvres only make the viewer's mouth water for the main course. And what an entree it turns out to be! Almost always a top man, Knight here bottoms with an untrammeled enthusiasm both doggie and missionary before he shifts gears to drill into Larson in the same two positions, revealing once again what a flawless fucker he is. Larson comes first, while plugged, spilling his messy load all over his fist, but Knight's arrows of spunk all over Larson's supine body are the best of show. One last ingenious mind fuck and another finger snap provide an ideal ending to this film.

Going Under is modern adult filmmaking at its very best. The excellent script, the sleek, intimate videography, the testosterone-loaded cast (especially Mr. Carlson), the torrid sexual choreography, the flawless editing (no surprise), and the musical score all work together to provide a memorable erotic experience. And over it all rests the sure hand of director Rosen who here adds yet another set of amazing talents to his already gilt-edged resume.